Our Company

Ako is the next step of development for Voxel Limited.

After years of being on the road selling face to face, one center at a time, our team have developed a professional development programme with video tutorials, pronunciation guides and downloadable resources to enable more educators easy access to our Te Reo Learning products.

Our existing product range is also available for purchase on our web store. Subscribers to our professional development programme also receive special discounts on our product range in the storefront.

Our Location

We are currently based in the Auckland Region.

Our Team

We are a family based business and have been making Te Reo Maori Learning Resources for over 10 years.

Lead Designer - Trina Wirihana
Trina is our artist, illustrator and product developer.

Head of Sales, Marketing and PD - Israel Wirihana
Israel travels the country selling our resources and delivering professional development.

IT Project Manager - James Busby
James is head of our IT department and website management.

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